1 Creatures Believe in yourself
2 K Barre Right by the Moon
3 Den Harrow A Taste Of Love
4 The Flirts Passion
5 My Mine Hypnotic Tango
6 Diviacchi Waiting For Heaven
7 Max Him Lady fantasy
8 Martin Circus Ite Missa Est
9 Peter Jacques Band Drives Me Crazy
10 Brand Image Love On A Summernight
11 Max Coveri One More Time
12 Den Harrow Future Brain
13 Kano Another life
14 Koto Visitors
15 Shannon Let The Music Play
16 Ken Laszlo Hey Hey Guy
17 Meccano Ipnotica / Activate my heart
18 Mirage No More No War
19 Ram Band Silent Smiles
20 Doctors Cat Watch Out
21 Ken Laszlo Tonight
22 1,2,3 Runaway
23 Danny Keith Keep On Music
24 Bobby O She Has A Way
25 Styloo Pretty Face
26 Cyber People Void Vision
27 Tapps My Forbidden Lover
28 Patrick Cowley Menergy
29 Mr. Flagio Take a Change
30 Scotch Disco Band
31 Miko Mission The World Is You
32 Wish Key Last Summer
33 Fabian Nesti Heigh Ho
34 Silent Circle Touch In The Night
35 Jock Hattle Crazy Family
36 Mike Rodgers Just a Story
37 Easy Going Fear
38 Joe Yellow Lover To Lover
39 Lime Your love
40 Tom Hooker Looking for love
41 Miko Mission How Old Are You
42 Brian Ice Talking To The Night
43 David Lyme By By me amor
44 Valerie Dore The night
45 Lime Guilty
46 Savage Don't cry tonight
47 Cube Concert Boy
48 Fockewulf Gitano
49 Scotch Penguin Invasion
50 Patrick Colby Mandrill
51 Twins Face To Face
52 Charlie Spacer Woman
53 Italian Boys Forever Lovers
54 Taffy I Love My Radio
55 Primadonna Flashing On The Floor
56 Ris Love & Music
57 Roni Griffith The Best Part Of Breaking Up
58 Silver Pozzoli Around My Dream
59 Time Shaker Shake
60 Patrick Cowley Mind Warp
61 Den Harrow To meet me
62 Alexander Robotnick Problems d'Amour
63 Bo Boss Tequila
64 Divine Shoot Your Shot
65 Macho Im A Man
66 Albert One Turbo Diesel
67 Koto Dragonds legend
68 Doctors Cat Feel the Drive
69 Lime Angel Eyes
70 Laser Dance Humanoid Invasion
71 New Order Bleu Monday/The Beach
72 Gary Low You Are A Danger
73 Ryan Paris Dolce Vita
74 Sandy Marton People From Ibiza
75 Lime Unexpected lovers
76 Baltimora Tarzan Boy
77 Casanova Tutti Quanti
78 Company B Fascinated
79 Lime You're My Magician
80 Albert One For Your Love
81 Fake Donna Rouge
82 Paul Parker Right On Target
83 American Fade I'm Alive
84 Cori Josias Takin it straight
85 Oh Romeo These Memories
86 Patrick Cowley I Wanna Take You Home
87 R. Bais Dial My Number
88 Sunbelt Spin It
89 Torrevado Living In The Shuttle
90 Rose Rose Memories
91 Hazel Dean Searchin
92 Patrick Cowley & Sylvester Do Ya Wanna Funk
93 Lime Babe Were Gonna Love Tonight
94 Marco Martina Venture In My Heart
95 Peter Jacques Band Going Dancing Down The Street
96 Rudy & Co Mama radio
97 Scotch Take Me Up
98 Shannon Give me Tonight
99 Den Harrow Bad Boy
100 Gino Soccio Remember