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Companies in the history of computing

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Company name and specialty
3M United Kingdom Ltd
Aardvark Business Computers Ltd
Action Communication Systems Inc.
ActiVision - developer/publisher of entertainment software
Amdahl Corporation
Advanced Micro Devices (UK) Ltd
Adobe Systems, Inc - software developer, co-creator of desktop publishing
Apple - Apple Computer Inc. first company to offer a gui interface to the general public
Apricot Computers plc (UK)
Aston Electronic Developments Ltd
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Atari - game consoles
ATT - company that invented the transistor
BCI - telecommunications provider
Benson Electronics Ltd
Broderbund - producer of entertainment and education software
Centronics Data Computer (UK) Ltd
Cherry Electrical Products Corp
Coleco - toy maker and video game producer
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Commodore International - manufacturer of electronic products and the C64!
Compaq Computer Corporation - manufacturer of personal computers.
Control Data Corporation,
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Cray, manufacturer of super computers
Data General Corporation - manufacturer of the first mini in 1968
Digital Equipment Corporation - computer manufacturer
Disney Interactive - educational/entertainment software designer and distributer
Electronic Arts -  publisher/distributor of entertainment software
Epson - manufacturer of many innovations on computing peripherals and computers
Evans & Sutherland - computer graphics
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation; manufacturer of first mass produced chip
Halcyon International
Hewlett Packard, now incorporates former Compaq and Digital
IBM - one of the first companies to produce the PC in mass
Industrial Light and Magic - developer of cinematic special effects
Interplay - publisher of entertainment, educational, and game software
LucasArts - designs and distributes computer video games and educational software
Maxis, Inc. - developer of entertainment software

microsoft original logo
original logo

microsoft_logoMicrosoft, one of the world's largest software manufacturer
MITS - one of the first companies to offer personal computer kits
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Monroe Calculator Company, electrical calculators
Motorola Semiconductor Products
Nashua Corporation
NCR - manufacturer of digital equipment , national cash registers
Netscape - developer internet browser
Nixdorf Computers
Novell inc., as the company that developed PC-networks. It also is the company that developed the first common-used Directorysystem for PC-networks and is working on connectivity for several computerstandards.
Olympia International
PowersSamas Accounting
Prime Computers
Quantum Corp - manufacturer of digital storage products
Quark - developer of communication and publishing software
Rank Xerox - computer research and development center P.A.R.C.; manufacturer of copier machines
Rockwell International
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RoInfo, a software house and main sponsor of this site
Scientific Micro Systems
Silicon Graphics - manufacturer of high-end computers
Sony - manufacturer of electronic products
Sperry Rand (UNIVAC)

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Sun Microsystems, manufacturer of high performance workstations and servers
Tektronix UK Ltd
Texas Instruments
Timex/Sinclair - manufacturer of watches and miniature computers
Underwood Corporation
Univac ( later Sperry Rand )
Virgin Interactive Entertainment - designs, publishes, and distributes video games and multi-media software
Xerox - see Rank Xerox
Zilog Ltd


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