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Throughout this project many threads are defined.

Threads are needed to create a more clear structure. To keep the information manageble and above all easy to find for readers.
Also the editors have felt that you can not understand the whole picture of computing history if you cannot read about what inventions were needed to even create a computer as we know it today.
So we introduced links to other sciences, put in a section of biographies and so on until we found that the basic pattern of the carpet we were weaving looked right.

The picture below shows a small part of the project's infrastructure that illustrates the above:


Biographies section Software section Companies section Reference section Hardware section Timeline major


Click on one of the sections in the picture above or follow the links below.

Explanation on sections

It goes without saying that all sections will be expanded continuously. New threads will be introduced as our insights, information, data base, and number of editors grows.

chip Timeline and historic events in computing

A chronology of computing from the origins of counting and the invention of the 0 till present days.
The time line is liberally illustrated with pictures and contains many hyperlinks to other sections at this and other sites on the History of Computing.

The Chronology is the backbone of this project. This section narrates in chronological order about the development of computers. It is also the starting point to go through this site.
Click here for more info on the Time Line
chip Biographies
Biographies of computer pioneers, links to their inventions or discoveries.
Biographies of the most important pioneers are to be found here. But on some pioneers information is still being gathered and rewritten to fit into the template we have designed.
There are links to the person's work, inventions, papers and  pictures of the person in various states of his or her life. And added other information we thought would be nice to know.
chip Software
History of software and computer languages.
With a 101 on software and links to computer pioneers and or hardware.
Also a list is started of all important or interesting computer languages
Special chapters on all aspects of computing when dealing with software will be included.
chip.gif Hardware
Index of hardware in the form of fact sheets as mentioned in the timeline.
The inventors and their machines or technology. Includes links to hardware pioneers, software, reference pages or other information on our site.
chip Companies

Hardware and software companies sprang up like mushrooms during the last decades. Many disappeared because of economic turmoil or ware assimilated by larger companies.

They are the motor that drives the modern economy.
This section will eventually describe all major and maybe during the maintenance, also the not so important companies, We hope that companies will start to submit their historic information to us in a few years time out of their own initiative. So our action will be limited to the most important ones for the time being.

chip What's new
From time to time we will publish new or updated pages of this site. Only major changes or changes of importance will be listed here.
Computerized translations are approximations of the original text. They should not be considered to be an exact translation. But it helps to read this information in your own language or language you are more familiar with than English
chip What happened in...
Select a year in which you are interested or were born in.
chipReference pages - more info

Information on this project, this site, and other stuff we would like to bring to your attention.

In time this will be the most extended section because it will deal with sciences, related technologies and other developments that promoted computing in general.


See also the about this site story for more information and the story how this site came into being.



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